General (About loyalty program)

  1. Do I need to sign up as member in order to collect points?

  2. Why I cannot log in to my account?
    i. For incorrect username/invalid account, please sign up a new account.
    ii. For incorrect password. Please click on ’FORGOT PASSWORD’, and you will receive an OTP via SMS to reset your password.

  3. What should I do if I forgot my log in password?
    i. Tap ‘Log In/Register’ at home screen
    ii. Tap ‘Continue with Phone Number’
    iii. Enter Phone Number and tap ‘Next’
    iv. Tap ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ and you will require to enter your new password, then tap ‘Next’
    v. You will receive the OTP code send your mobile phone via SMS
    vi. Key in your OTP and tap ‘Verify’
    vii. Tap ‘Continue’ and your new password will be updated
    viii. Tap ‘Continue’ on the pop-up window to Log in now

  4. Where can I submit my feedback?
    To submit your feedback to us, please tap on the menu icon on the top left and tap ‘Send Us Your Feedback’.
    i. Select subject from the dropdown menu that you wish to submit your feedback to us
    ii. Key in your message in the box provided and tap ‘Submit’
    iii. Your feedback will be composed in an email, tap the send icon and the email will be sent

  5. Can I transfer my points and vouchers to my friend or my family member?
    Unfortunately, all points and vouchers collected on each registered account is not transferable.

  6. If I am unable to present the app on my mobile during check out, can I provide my mobile number for the cashier to key in to earn points or to redeem any voucher?
    Yes, you can provide mobile number to cashier to manually key in your mobile number for collecting point into your account for each purchase you made in our store. All points redemption needs to be done on the mobile app too.

  7. How long it takes for reward points to be credited into my account?
    All points earned from your purchase will be credited into member’s account within 24 hours

  8. What if cashier has scanned the QR code during my check out, but reward points have not credited into my account after 24 hours?
    Please snap picture of your receipt and email to: [email protected]

  9. Can I immediately sign up as member and use my account to earn point?
    Yes, all you need to do is show the QR code on your eco-shop mobile app to the cashier at check out.

Points Collection

  1. How much points do I get while spending in the shop?
    For every RM1 spent, you will earn 1 point. Points earned in 1 particular transaction will only be rounded down and no round up point will be given.

  2. How do I collect points?
    You can collect points by spending at any of our eco-shop and eco-plus stores in Malaysia. To collect points, tap on the QR code icon at the home screen, and present the QR code to the cashier during check out. Cashier will scan the QR code and you will earn points. Points earned will be based on total amount (in Ringgit Malaysia) you spent in the store and converted into point.

  3. Can I still collect point in the same transaction if partial of the payment is made by using cash voucher?
    Yes, you can.

  4. Can I collect point if I made a purchase in Shopee’s eco-shop official account?
    Unfortunately, all registered eco-shop members can only earn points when they made a purchase in our retail stores.

Points and Vouchers Expiration

  1. Will my points expire?
    Yes, points collected 
    will expire at the end of each subsequent calendar year. Kindly refer to the expiry date reflected at "My Profile" page.

  2. What will happened to any unused / unredeemed points on expiry date?
    Any points that are unused / unredeemed on its expiry date will be deducted from your member’s account.

Points & Voucher Redemption

  1. How do I know if I am entitled to redeem my points?
    After log in, you will see your current points at home screen. For every 500 points accumulated from your purchase, you can redeem for RM1 voucher.

  2. What I can spend with my points?
    To redeem 1x RM1 cash voucher, you need to accumulate a minimum 500 points. You can perform such points conversion on the app.

  3. How much voucher I can redeem using points I have accumulated?
    Kindly refer to example below:

    Points Required to Redeem

    Voucher to Receive


    RM 1


    RM 2


    RM 5


    RM 10


    RM 20


    RM 50

  4. Where can I redeem the voucher?
    Log in to your eco-shop loyalty app:
    i. Tap on 'My Rewards'
    ii. Tap on 'Redeem Voucher', you will be then land on page 'Voucher Catalogue'
    iii. A list of cash vouchers will display, choose the denomination that you wish to redeem and to ensure you have sufficient points to redeem the cash voucher
    iv. Tap on 'Redeem Now', and confirm you want to redeem such voucher
    v.  Once you have tap on 'Redeem', the voucher will be stored in 'ACTIVE REWARDS' page

  5. What can I do with the vouchers in 'ACTIVE REWARDS'?
    You can use the voucher(s) in your purchase in any Eco-shop or Eco-plus.

  6. How do I use the voucher to redeem in my purchase?
    Before proceeding to make payment, please inform our cashier that you have cash voucher to use in your payment. Please present the voucher to the cashier in order for he/she to scan the barcode.

  7. What can I do if I have made payment but forgot to use my voucher?
    We are sorry that our cashier is unable to cancel your transaction. As such, you can keep your voucher and use it in your next purchase.

  8. Is there any expiry date for each voucher that I redeem using my points?
    All vouchers redeem will expire in 30 days from redemption date. However, for each different type of the voucher, the expiry date may be different. As such, we highly recommend you to constantly check on the validity of the voucher on your mobile app.

  9. Will I be replaced with a new voucher if my voucher has expired? Or points used to redeem voucher will be credited back into my account?
    No. All vouchers will expire in 30 days from redemption date or any date stated on the voucher. Once any unused voucher has expired, it can't be used and points used to redeem voucher will NOT be credited back into your account.

  10. I saw the voucher that I wanted to redeem yesterday but it is gone now (or fully redeem), what should I do?
    We will top up new vouchers and please wait for another round of the new vouchers to be published on our loyalty app.

  11. Can I transfer the voucher to my friend / family?
    No. All voucher(s) redeem by each member is non-transferable.

  12. My total purchase is RM4.80, I made payment using RM5 Voucher. Why Cashier didn't give me back the balance of 20cents?
    We are sorry that the RM5 Voucher that we receive from you is in the Voucher for instead of Cash, as such our Cashier is unable to return any changes to you unless the amount paid is by Cash.

  13. Since Cashier is unable to return the change for payment via Voucher, what should I do?
    We recommend you to top up another item and pay the price different in order to close the transaction.

  14. How many Vouchers can I use in one transaction?
    We recommend you to keep within 5. However, you may check with our Cashier from time to time if you are allowed to use more than 5 Vouchers in one transaction.